• Family and Children Law

    The Family department at Prime Solicitors is made up of a professional and very efficient team with a wealth of experience in dealing with all aspects of Family Law and Children Law. The members of this department hold membership of the highly acclaimed Resolution group. Our overriding priority is to listen to all of the issues in a case and explore the best way of resolving all problems, whether through negotiation or conciliation, or through court representation, we will help guide you through the complex legal processes involved.


    Going through a divorce can be a challenging process; our family solicitors can put you through on the grounds of divorce and can ensure that you are well equipped from the start to the end of the divorce proceedings.

    Contact order

    Are you a parent seeking to make contact with your children? Our family solicitors can assist you with getting a contact order.

    Non-Molestation Order

    The term molestation includes any conduct which can properly be regarded as such a degree of harassment as to call for the intervention of the court as cited in Horner v Horner [1982] Fam 90. A non-molestation order is an injunction that prohibits any form of molestation.

    Are you in an abusive relationship? Are you seeking a non-molestation order? You do not need to suffer abuse from your partner our Family solicitors can help you get a non-molestation order so you can be free from any form of harassment. You do not need to go through the process on your own; you may qualify for legal aid.

    Whether it is divorce, dissolution of civil partnership, financial provision, matters concerning children, Non-Molestation Order, Injunctions, or any other Family Law related matter, we offer detailed, considerate and effective advice. We understand that disputes and legal issues within a family relationship can be difficult; hence our family solicitors will handle your case with sensitivity and care.

    We are very experienced in resolving family disputes and, wherever possible, encourage out of court resolutions rather than litigation.

    Furthermore, our team of solicitors are well experienced to defend care proceedings or any matter under public or private law involving children.

    Children law

    Legal aid is available to deal with some aspects of Children Law work. If legal aid is not available, we offer high quality advice & representation on a privately funded basis at competitive rates.

    Care proceedings

    Is your child taken into care by the local authorities? Has referrals been made to the social service regarding your children? Have you received a letter before proceeding? Our Family team can represent you in your care proceedings from start to finish.

    Public law

    Our family solicitors can assist you in all areas of Public law such as accommodation for children, pre-proceedings meetings, child protection conferences, care order and supervision order.

    Private Law

    Prime Solicitors is able to help you deal with all private child custody issues, matters relating to contact, adoption, welfare principles, residence orders, parental responsibility and prohibitive steps order.