• Housing Law

    Our in-house specialists provide guidance in any housing issues, with the aim of resolving all matters with speed and efficiency. Our main services include dealing with local authorities, applications, tenants, landlords, ownership, as well as attendance at court for hearings.

    Our range of services for individuals includes matters regarding;

    Homelessness: Our Housing solicitors can help you if the local authority has refused to allow you to make a homeless application or you have made a homeless application however the local authority has refused to secure an accommodation for you.

    Disrepair: If you are dissatisfied because your landlord has refused to carry out the necessary repairs, our specialist Housing Solicitor can help you deal with this matter.

    Eviction or unlawful eviction: It is important to note that there are legal procedures to follow if your landlord wishes to evict you. Our Specialist Housing Solicitors will ensure that you are aware of these procedures and they will challenge any unlawful eviction.

    Neighbourhood problems: Our specialist Housing Solicitors can also advice on matters where you are dealing with anti-social or violent behaviours from neighbours.

    Furthermore, we also offer services for landlords, which include bringing possession proceedings.